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The Call to Discipleship in the Gospel of Mark a Prayer Journey, Week 1-3

       This is the beginning of your own journey with God through the gospel of Mark. Mark's gospel was written as an invitation to discipleship. It was mean to be an altar call at the end of hearing the whole story you were being invited to take up your cross and follow Jesus. You are invited to begin writing your own part of the story on your relationship with God and work to bring the God's Kingdom one step closer.         Each day for 10 weeks you are invited to spend time in prayer and study of the Gospel of Mark. I invite you to to gather a group of fellow travelers to help you deepen this experience by giving you someone to speak with about what you have learned on this journey. So set aside time each day to read through the passage and reflection and write down the questions and challenges you have experienced.  This journey through Mark is meant to help you develop a relationship with God and help move you into a life of service, of ministry, of discipleship.   We

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