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Monday, July 26, 2010

What is the Language of God?

This spring around Easter the United Church of Christ released a new ad on the internet. The ad is called what is the language of God. At the bottom you see the words religion with relevance. The ad shows the hope and dream of the United Church of Christ to be a church that speaks the language of God.

What is God’s language? Compassion, Community, Love, Justice, Hope, Equality, Praise. These words are interspersed within the images of the people of the United Church of Christ expressing those sentiments. It shows people marching for equality with workers, with minorities, with LGBT persons. There are pictures of pastors preaching and children laughing, creation growing, and people singing. There are people eating together, sharing communion and being baptized. This is the church on the move that is a multicultural, multiracial church. It is a vision of the church that has kept me in the United Church of Christ.

Can you imagine a church where you praise God and act for justice, where you provide compassion to a hurting world and feast at a table, where you celebrate the joy of a child first walking and a lesbian couple being married, where you march for immigrant rights and baptize in a river, where you comfort the hurt and celebrate a disabled person’s win, where you laugh, cry, pray, hope and march together! When I see this vision of the United Church of Christ I want to be part of the dream. I want to share the language of God with those around me.

So my question for us is how can we share with the Lake Geneva Area that we are speaking the language of God? In what ways do we share love? Compassion? Community? Justice? Hope? Equality? Praise? If we aren’t sharing this language what do we need to change in order to be able to share this language? How is our religion relevant? How will we embodied the God Is Still Speaking mission and message here is Lake Geneva so that people will find our church and find a home?

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