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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Muslims and Christians the extremes

I have been preparing for the class I am teaching tonight on Islam.  I thought this video on the Changing the Story website was really powerful.  It poses an interesting question.  If we view all Muslims as terrorists why shouldn't they view all Christians as members of the KKK and ends with the statement you can't let  a few radicals shape your perspective.  What an important point.  If we let the few extreme define who we are we never get to truly learn and respect each other. 

I thought this was a similar point my son wanted me to learn while watching the Rally to Restore Sanity and or Fear.  He really likes John Stewart and wanted to go but Wisconsin is a little far from Washington.  The main point I took away is that we spend so much time in fear mode, crisis mode, everything we hear puts us in a camp of fear or crisis that we have a hard time looking at the world through the eyes of calmness. 

Do we as Christians want to be defined by the extremes?  For me this extreme is the branch of Christianity that says there is only one way to practice the faith, only one way to speak of God, only one way to interpret the Bible.  The problem is that it is not the way I would choose.  My walk as a Christian causes me to remember that I follow a homeless Guy, an itinerant preacher, radical teacher who met people where they were.  If you need a lesson about being tolerant that is what you got.  If you were hurt you received healing.  If you were lost he helped you become found. 

So why do we have such are a hard time meeting Muslims as Jesus would with an open heart, an open mind and a welcoming embrace? 

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