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Friday, April 8, 2011

What are your Temptations?

Lent with the Lord's Prayer 

As the weekend begins, what are your temptations? What is it that causes you to move from the person you want to be? What is it that causes you to turn away from God or to push God to the back burner? Take a moment to figure this out by looking at what you spend your free time doing? What’s on your list? Of these items, what draws you closer to your family, your friends, and God. Which of these items recharges your batteries? These items you can mark off your temptations. What is left? Are these things you do by yourself but you don’t feel better after having done them? Are there ways that you could do them less? Is there something you could replace them with that would draw you closer to God, your family or revive you?
Lord Jesus Christ, we pray to you because you were tempted like us, in all things, yet did not submit; because you have promised to come to the help of those who in every age, are put to the test; and because we are not exempt from the subtle attraction of what is wrong and what is evil, therefore we pray to you.

… Lord have mercy

We call to you to where, in our lives, we exploit our abilities purely for personal gain, and let the human gifts, which were meant to illuminate the world, light up no more than our own vanity.

… Lord have mercy

We call you to where, in our lives, we have made a show of our religion and made faith a means of attracting to us, at the cost of distracting from you.
… Lord have mercy

We call you to where, in our lives, another god, more to our liking, is the object of our fawning, the recipient of our time, of our attention, of our worship.

… Lord have mercy

For it is in these places in our lives that we threaten to desert you, the one who has chosen us and who, in the wilderness, at the Temple, and on the mountaintop showed there was a better way.  So we turn from our seeking after selfish comfort, we turn from inclination to false piety, we turn from our preference for petty loyalties.  From these we avert our gaze, turning our faces towards you, Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.
(Iona Community, Wild Goose Worship Group, Stages on the Way, pp.31-32

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