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Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Call to Discipleship in the Gospel of Mark a Prayer Journey, Week 10

Week 10

We have reached the final week of our journey with Mark. This week we see the person we love, the person we follow, put on trial and condemned to death. He challenged the powers that be and they fought back. The religious authorities, plotting with the local political authorities will take this Holy One of God and condemn him. They will rename his ministry as blasphemy and will use the empire to publically execute him. And we are there with him during his betrayal by companions and his desertion by friends. We are there with him through the end when everyone has run away afraid. This week invited you to make a choice. To choose Jesus, to choose the Beloved, the Holy One of God. Have you decided to follow Jesus? Have you decided to write the next chapter in the Gospel sharing your journey along the way?

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Reflection  Day
       Think back over your week of prayer and study. Reread your favorite scripture.  Review any notes of insights you had from the week. Then answer:

1. What was the most important things I've learned, discovered, remembered, this week?

2. Which of the words sticks out to you this week - Pain, Execution, Darkness, Choice, Galillee, God is Still Speaking?

3. Where will you go next? 

Jesus, the Holy One of Israel, we have been on this journey with you and now here at the end and the beginning we pray that you will show us the way forwarded. We ask you to guide us as we travel down paths that lead us through the darkness on this earth where people are executed for being the wrong color, the wrong ethnicity we know you are and will always be with them for you are one of them. Be with us as we seek your light and truth to guide us as we turn back toward God and follow you. Amen.

More Light by Christopher Grundy

Here is a list of Books about the Gospel of Mark that have influenced my thought.


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