God has place this wonderful creation in our hands. As U2 sings, "It's a beautiful day, don't let it slip away." We have this one life to live on this beautiful planet so enjoy these reflections on God, faith, life, and music. "After the flood all of the colors came out. It's a beautiful day."

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


My advent word of the day is wait. As I was thinking about the idea of waiting my Grandmother came to mind. I lived with her for a year during grad school. Every week her younger brother would come over to play canasta. Sometimes I would join in on these games. My great uncle believed in waiting. He would hold his hand as it grew and grew. His goal was to lay down and go out all at once. So he didn't pick up the pile and just kept drawing. He would never use a wild card to lay down his cards. My grandmother had the opposite strategy. She would lay down as soon as possible. As soon as she had enough points she would lay down using wild cards and would pick up the pile even if it only was to get one card. My grandmother seemed rushed when you played her, a little impatient and eager to get the cards. My Uncle Millard on the other hand waited. He was patient. His style of play almost always won. But grandma would sneak a win in while he waited for those 7 cards. So when I played with them, I realized I was in the middle. I did hold my cards because I wasn't willing to use my wild cards to early. So I did wait, but not as patiently as my Uncle Millard. The irony is that playing the middle I would compete with my uncle for wins.

When I was little waiting during Christmas time seemed like an eternity. Christmas was coming but it couldn't come quickly enough. Yet it seemed to take forever for that moment to arrive. First there was church to go to. You wanted to be still, but it was so beautiful and full of people. There was music and candle light. Jesus arrived with song and bauety and light. Then when you got home wiht your orange and candy cane, you got those new pajamas on and your parents sent you to bed but you were quivering so much with excitement knowing that the next day Santa would come. That night of waiting was full of longing and expectation, wondering what you would get. The night took forever and then you were asleep, awaking early while it was still dark. Some of those morning you were sent back to bed to wait for the light. The morning dawned seemed to take forever as you sat by the window waiting for the sun to rise so you could start the morning.

This year waiting has taken on a new meaning. As we have come face to face with the violence of the world we are waiting. For those who have had a loved one killed violently, in over the top ways, people are waiting for justice. Living here on the outside of the Chicago suberbs, we wait for justice for LaQuan. We wait for people to be held accountable for the murder of a teenager by 16 bullets. We wait for black lives to matter. We wait for guns violence to end. We wait for women to have safe and equal access to healthcare. We wait for terrorism to stop. We wait for the words of hate to stop. We wait for people to wake up to our common humanity. We wait for a world where black children don't have to be taught that they could be killed by the police. We wait for women to be able to access healthcare without a gunman able to walk in and begin shooting at their clinic. We wait for a world to see that refugees are not terrorists. We wait for refugees to find a safe place to land where they will have food, shelter, and safety from bombs. We wait for the day when it is safe to go to the movies, to hear music, to sit at a cafe and not have to worry about a bomb going off or gun fire bursting forth.

This advent we wait. We wait for you God to come again. We wait for you to show us a different way, a better way. We wait for a world where peace is possible. We wait for Jesus to come gain. We wait for Jesus to teach us to love unconditionally. We wait and we hope and we work for the world God dreamed.
Wait for the Lord

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