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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

If You Choose, You Can Make Me Well

If you choose you can make me well.”

This passage of scripture has been on my heart a lot since the election. I feel as if you  elected leaders in congress and presidency are choosing to let my family and I and the 20+ million people who have been helped by Obamacare become sick. I like many people work as a contract employee who is not offered benefits. When I began my career as a pastor there were full time jobs with benefits but those have been slowly eroding. So like many American’s I have been forced into lower wages with fewer and fewer benefits. When Obamacare went into effect, those subsidies allowed me to purchase insurance for my family. I was able to pay for insurance that went beyond the prayer I always prayed please don’t let me get sick. I have been lucky so far and have not had an illness that would have bankrupted me. But I am deeply concerned about your actions.

To repeal a law that has allowed 20+ million people to receive healthcare - We have been able to get vaccinations, medication for chronic diseases, care for those illnesses that debilitate and drain you. To learn more about the impact on middle class families I invite you to read this report from the Department of Health and Human Services.. ASPE ISSUE BRIEF: A ffordable C are A ct Has Led to Historic, Widespread Increase in Health Insurance Coverage

 If you choose you can continue to make us well. If there is no plan to help us who are able to afford health insurance, why are you repealing it. If there is no plan to continue to expand coverage so those who make just a little more than I but have to spend “1000” a month of their income on insurance can also be helped should be the goal. To make sure that every American can see a doctor if they are sick or been hurt should be a goal of our country. How can we have life, liberty, and happiness if we are constantly worried about the next shoe dropping that will leave my family and I unable to afford care and unable to seek care. To be happy, to have a life, to live in freedom we need a health care plan that allows all of us not just those with benefit paying jobs (like yours), those who have the means to not need insurance to afford care. If we believe so strongly that we are and should be the shining light, the example to the rest of the world of what is possible how can you choose to take away my healthcare and those like me. To repeal and not replace, to repeal and delay, to repeal is to cause harm, maybe irreparable harm. Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and congressional Republicans I implore you to think about those who will be hurt by your actions. We all need to know that if we get sick we will not be financially ruined. We all need to know that if we get sick we can receive care and treatment. We all need to know that we will not die because of an action you could have taken.

If you choose, you can make me well. Jesus’ response to this man seeking healing is I do choose. Will you respond in the same way? Will you choose to make all of us who have not been as fortunate as you to be made well, to receive life giving treatment, life saving medications, and hope that we are not alone.

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