God has place this wonderful creation in our hands. As U2 sings, "It's a beautiful day, don't let it slip away." We have this one life to live on this beautiful planet so enjoy these reflections on God, faith, life, and music. "After the flood all of the colors came out. It's a beautiful day."

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Curing Every Disease

Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and curing every disease and every sickness among the people. 24So his fame spread throughout all Syria, and they brought to him all the sick, those who were afflicted with various diseases and pains, demoniacs, epileptics, and paralytics, and he cured them. 25And great crowds followed him from Galilee, the Decapolis, Jerusalem, Judea, and from beyond the Jordan. Matthew 4:23-25
Jesus traveled
proclaiming the good news
curing every disease
curing every sickness
among people

Jesus fame spread throughout Syria
people brought to him all the sick
those who were afflicted with diseases and pains
those demoniacs, epileptics, paralytics
Jesus cured them

Healing Spirit
we ask you to be present with those who have
Heart disease
Chronic lower respiratory disease
    chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Alzheimer's disease
Kidney disease
these are the top killers of Americans
Healing God
send your power and love to those who suffer from these illnesses

Healing God
you have no hands or hearts but ours
we ask you to be with
support staff
they often work long hours
be with them helping them to discern your will
help them to provide the best care they can

Healing God
be with those charged with making deicison about healthcare
be with government officials who are acting to change our system
may you guide their decisions
be with insurance company executives and employess
help them to provide care that is needed
help them to be concerned more with people and less with money
be with regulators
help them to find places where we need them to step in to keep us safe
help them to make rules that help rather than harm
be with researchers and teachers
guide their work that they may find better ways to treat the sick
guide their knowledge to remember that people are complicated mixes of hearts and bodies

Healing God
remind us to remember how important healing is to you
help us to follow Jesus
bringing the good news
and curing every disease and sickness.

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